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The BEST Essential Oils Opportunity!!

10 June 2014

Have you been interested in learning more about essential oils?!?
Curious what makes Young Living unique?!?
Perhaps you've not been able to make it to an Essential Oils 101 class, but would like to know more??

If so, I have the BEST opportunity for you!!

This Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 9pm EST, my friend and team leader, Lindsey, from Homemade Mommy, will be broadcasting one of her Essential Oils 101 classes LIVE and FREE for you to watch and learn!

Sign up here for this FREE Live Stream event!!

Join us for a fun night of learning the basics of essential oils, including answers to your questions:
  - Why should we be using essential oils?
  - What are essential oils?
  - How do we use essential oils?
  - What are carrier oils? you can use essential oils to make all kinds of things like:
   - bug spray
   - hand soap
   - shampoo
   - breath spray
   - body butter
   - homemade all-purpose cleaners
   - hand sanitizer and MORE!
She will also be sharing ways to avoid over-the-counter medications and steroids for migraines, constipation, eczema, allergies and asthma...naturally!!

So, sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, and watch LIVE! Please share this live event with any of your interested friends so that you can learn from us and get started on your oily journey! After the even, if you find you're ready to get started with Young Living Essential Oils, you can send me a private message or get started here.

But, hang on a second...if I only watch on a computer, I won't get to smell or try any of the oils?!? 
Not so my friends! I will be sending a FREE gift to everyone who watches this live stream class.
Say what?!? That's right. I want to share the oils with you!

Want to know how to get the freebies?!?
(1) Join my Facebook group.
(2) During the class, if you have any questions, thoughts, whatever...ask in the FB group. I will be live during that time working to answer those for you.
(3) Message me, email me, comment here: Out of all the oils that Lindsey taught you about, which one are you most interested in trying or learning more about?!? And why??
That's it! Then, I will send you a FREE gift. It will be either (a) a sample of one of our everyday oils OR (b) a homemade lip balm made with Peppermint essential oil.

But, wait, there's MORE!!

I will also be giving away 3 more prizes to participants in this live simulcast. These prizes will be awarded by a random drawing for the people who did steps 1-3 above. :)

One lucky participant will win a 15mL bottle of Orange Essential Oil.

One winner will receive a 1oz. Thieves Hand Purifier.

And one winner will receive a 1oz. bottle of Thieves Spray.

And, that's just for watching the class, joining the FB group and messaging me about which oil you are most interested in trying. That's it! (Prizes will only be awarded to those who are not yet signed up with Young Living.)

This class will be recorded, for replay at your convenience. But, prizes will be awarded to the folks who watch and participate LIVE!! 

If after you watch the class, you are interested in starting with Young Living, head over to this page to get started. I will be offering even more incentives and bonuses for those who start in June. More details about this are on my FB group page.


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