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Spring Has Sprung

11 April 2014

I love Spring. I do. Almost every single thing about it. I love the warmer temperatures. I love the sunshine. I love the 50 shades of green that take over the mountains. The yellows, purples, pinks; flowers blooming all over. I don't even mind the light spring showers.

Spring comes at exactly the right time. When you've been stuck in the house, cold, all winter and all you want to do is bust out and stay outside. There it is. Right there, ready and waiting for you. Begging you to enjoy all it has to offer. And that's exactly what we've been doing lately.
If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen that I've been doing daily posts every day this year. It's something I'm doing for a ton of reasons, but I love documenting our days. Our life. Especially this time in our life. It's so fleeting. I don't want to miss out on or forget even the little moments. 

I'm also documenting more things personally. At the end of each day I write down something about both Jack and Karis. Whether it was something fun or funny that they did, or just sweet and meaningful. Sometimes, it's just what Jack's nap or eating was like that day, just because it fits more with the stage of life he's in. Or, with Karis, I try to write down different things that she says that make me laugh or smile. 
What I'm finding is the more I put a concerted effort in to really being IN the moment each day with my kids, the more they are teaching me. I feel like I could fill a million books with all that I've learned since I became a mother. 

Do you remember that old book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten?!?
I love it. But, I'm pretty sure all I really need to know I've learned from being a mother. 
My girl, she loves to play. She asks to go to the park every. single. day. And we do, almost every day. But, I do like to switch it up and rotate which park we go to and when. Just keep things new and fresh. 
Karis goes for it. She's all in. She dreams big. She conquers her fears. And I love to have a front-row seat on even the little victories. 
Sometimes she sits back and observes. She analyzes and makes a plan.  
Then she acts. Or at least she tries. 
In some ways she's wise beyond her years. But, I'm so glad she's still my small babe.

She's loving and sweet. Kind, even to strangers. She kept freely grabbing the hand of another little girl, one she doesn't know, and encouraging her to climb and play with her some more. She always has fun and wants others to be in on the fun. I love that about her. 
Then there's this guy. My beaming, happy boy. He brings joy. Beyond measure. And he's always game to come along for the ride. 
These two. They make my days. 

Oh, and if you're curious what it is about Spring that I don't like?!? 
Pollen. Hate it. Allergies. Ugh. They're the worst. 

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