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Fall Clothes Round-Up

25 January 2014

Now that we are half-way through winter, I'm finally getting a post up with the clothes I made for Karis and Jack this Fall. This is something I'm trying to do each season, just to document what I did for them. If you missed the summer clothes round-up, you can catch it here.

In some ways I feel like I didn't get all that much done, on the other hand, I'm pretty pleased with their offerings. I think all the appliqued tees I did during my marathon sewing session back in June. Gosh, I am still so thankful I did that. It has made life so much easier.

One thing I did not do, however, was take good pictures of all of these. It was a chaotic season for us as a family, is what it is. Some are good, some are iPhone pics.

Just the same, here we go...

Fall Raggy Tree Tee and Brown Corduroy Ruffle Pants
Leaf Applique Tee and Denim Ruffle Pants

Yep, they had matching tees. Just wait, it's a theme.
Pumpkin Initial Tees 
Halloween - Spider Initial Tees 
(and Gray Corduroy Ruffle Pants for Karis) 
Halloween Costumes:
Sebastian the Crab
and Ariel, the Little Mermaid 
FSU Onesie and Bib 
I made Jack a ton of other bibs and burp cloths, but don't have them pictured. Oh well.
Oh yeah, did you know we won the National Championship too?!? :)
Jack's Name Onesie
Owl Peasant Dress

Pink & Brown Floral Peasant Dress
Fall Chevron & Dots Peasant with 3/4 Sleeves
This dress actually went to an auction to raise money for a sweet friend who is adopting a precious little one.
So, we didn't keep it...but I still made it. :) 
Pink Floral Knit Tunic x2
I actually made this top first for Karis' cousin, Cameron, for her birthday. Then, I decided to make a matching one for Karis. They love to dress up alike. Girls, they're so sweet!

Thanksgiving Turkey Tees
(again, Brown Corduroy Ruffle Pants) 
Little Bro Onesie
Yes, this is actually from the summer. But, Jack was too little to fit into his shirt for a while, so I didn't get any pics of both of them until the Fall.
Plus, who doesn't love a little Buddy/Sissy love. Oh, these two! 
There you have it. I think. There's a great possibility that there's more that I just forgot about. That's life. We'll do a winter clothes round-up in a couple months. 

Next week I am participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I've heard about this for years, and it's such a great idea...I can't believe this is the first time I'm finally jumping on board. It's when you commit to sew every single day for a week, for a period of 1 hour (at least) for your children. Hello accountability! I really want to get a jump on my sewing for spring, and this is the perfect opportunity. So, you'll have lots of sewing posts coming your way soon! 

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