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Christmas 2013

05 January 2014

As babies grow up, Christmas sure does become more exciting. At least, the fun, gift-giving part of it does. The part where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, that's always been exciting.

Our families rotate back and forth each year between mine and John's sides for Christmas and Thanksgiving. This was our year to celebrate with John's side for Christmas...and we had such a great time. We all went to his sister's house, with her family, as well as his parents...and spent a whole week. We have never had that much time to spend with family before.

There was lots of cousin time...gosh, these kids love each other SO much. Karis was making cookies with her cousin.
Karis absolutely loved getting to cut the shapes out and was beyond proud of herself. Every. Single. Time. 
Jack got spoiled with oh, so much love and attention this week. And he soaked it up! 
 We have been seriously lacking in the toy department at our house. It's just a result of moving 6 times in a year. Less stuff = easier move. EasiER. Still not super fun. Either way, this year, we really wanted to get some fun things for Karis. Especially since we are in the midst of winter and playing outside is at a minimum right now. Santa brought Karis this fabulous kitchen.  
 To say that she adores it would be an understatement. And the phone that comes with it, well that's just right up my Baby Girl's alley. If you've known her or followed me at all...she's been phone obsessed since about 9 months. 
 Jack got some fun wooden toys. These went straight in the mouth. 
 Karis is so sweet. She genuinely loved and appreciated every single thing she got. She never dismissed a present or rushed through; and really took time to enjoy each one. I was so impressed with her. She could does teach us a lot.
 There is a distinct possibility that Karis has a future in a blues band. She's quite the harmonica player.  
 As is the case usually, Karis was a very supportive big sister in helping Jack open his presents.  
 Waiting with bated breath for his new exersaucer. 
 And, it's a winner folks. He loves it. 
 Especially this whale. They are great friends. 
 But, sometimes they don't agree on things. 
The next day more family came by for a few hours. Jack got to spend time with his great-grandfather, Jack. I love to see these two together.  
 And all the kiddos together with their cousin and puppy, Jasmine. 
A couple days after we got home my parents came over to celebrate with us and spoil my babies some more. 
 The big winner, however, was this car that Karis got. 
 This gives me all kinds of visions of watching her at age 16. Time, stand still.
 But, she is SO proud of it! 
 And I'm so proud to be the Mama of these two precious ones. They fill my life with unspeakable joy and brighten my days. They are my heart that lives outside of my chest. 

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