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A Beard to Friendship?!?

20 January 2014

Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find. -Shakespeare

This evening I took the kids out for a walk before John came home from work. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day, sun-shining bright and really, quite warm. Tomorrow we are expecting the cold to hit again, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be outside. While I was walking, I had an epiphany. Of sorts.

Let me back up. As you know, if you've read lately, we recently moved back home to Asheville. We didn't just love the way this ended up happening, but we were thrilled to move home. We love Asheville, and even as we moved away a little over a year ago, we knew no matter what this would always be a very special place for us. It has been my home for nearly 10 years and John moved here almost 12 years ago. We met, became friends, started dating, got engaged and married here. We had our first baby here. We have absolutely loved it. And we are so glad to continue to call this place home.

While we've always loved it, for the vast majority of our married lives, we have thought this was only a temporary place for us to live. We knew that we would eventually move some place new to run a store somewhere else. Well we ended up some place new, but as life would have it, we came back. So, now, for the first time ever, we now know that this is our home. We plan to be here forever. Of course, there's always the potential that things will change again in the future, but we aren't planning on it. With this new-found information, we are happy to really settle and make roots here.

Now that we're back we find ourselves looking for friends. We are kinda lacking in that department. Most of the people that we spent the majority of our time with have moved away since we left. We've also always been friends with people we work with. Now, my job is at home, as wife and Mama. And John didn't have a job for a few months. So it was really just the four of us. And we really did love having time for our family. But, we would love some friends too.

I find that as I'm running errands throughout the day, or walking through church and see a mom with little ones, that I'm wondering, oh, I wonder if our babies would like to play together? Or, is she looking for a friend now too?!? 

Then, I find I am even in my mind pimping out my husband. Ha. Not really. But, this was part of the epiphany I had while walking. We passed by a couple talking to one of their neighbors and one of the guys looked like John. He was about our same age, bearded, wearing a Mountain Hardwear jacket, and had kids running around a cozy coupe. So, basically, John. Ha. Pretty much any time I see a guy with a beard, I think, oh, he and John could be friends. How dumb is that.

All because John looks like this now.
And I like it. This is what happens when you have to shave for work everyday for years. Then, all of a sudden you don't. Then, you participate in No-Shave November, then you just keep it up. He does have a new job now, but maintains the beard, although he does keep it trimmed. I love it. 

So I guess I make an assumption that guys that rock the beard are all in a club, and at least on some level, would get along. It works for the Red Sox. This probably makes no sense at all. But beards are everywhere these days. I digress. 

I want friends for my babies. Karis doesn't really know what that even means. We moved right after her first birthday. We did meet some really great people, who I call dear friends, during our time in Myrtle Beach, but they are far away now. Each week as we go to church, we talk about how we are going to play with her friends. But it's not quite the same. Not yet anyway. It will be though. Jack is still so young, but how fun to be in one place and have him grow up with the same kids. God has been our provision through every step of our journey and I believe He will continue to do so. Somewhere out there is another family who is looking for the same thing. Right?!?

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
- Muhammed Ali


  1. If we lived in the same place, our babies would def be friends. I know this probably doesn't help, but I wanted you to know anyway.

  2. Praying for yall and the perfect family friends for you and your babies! We are on the brink of a big move...going back home where family and friends are, but our life will look different since now we have two kids and one on the way. I am excited but dont want to have expectations and I will need friends, a new church, a new preschool, new doctors, vets, etc in our new area. I am nervous but trusting that the Lord will provide! Keep us posted as you settle and feel free to do a post on moving tips for people like me!...moving with kids!? ha!


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