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The Great Pumpkin

19 December 2013

Since I took my recent break from the blog, I am very behind on posts. This means I will be working extra hard to play catch-up...and mixing up seasons, as I have yet to post from the Fall. Today, we're just starting somewhere in the a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. 
These first two pictures are courtesy of Karis. She is super in to taking pictures herself these days. Most of the time it's of things like the ceiling fan or shoes...but I was kinda digging this shot of Jack. And while yes, she has a lot of the grass in the one above, she got a good shot of pumpkins. She's going places, that girl. 
Of course, we had to get some pictures of both the's how that went. 
This uber-cheesy grin just cracks me up. 
Karis isn't too particular about which camera she takes pictures with, so she was just as happy to get some shots with my phone and let me have the DSLR back. 
That way I could also grab some pics of this sweet thing. 
Poor Jack had been awake for about five minutes by the time we took these pics. 
Yes, I did make their shirts. This was part of the great sew-athon back in May and June. I'm so glad I accomplished as much as I did then, it's made for great clothes to wear through all the holidays. Plus, I've been a little excited about having two babies to match clothes. 
And, yall, you have got to see Little Miss Photog in action. 
This girl is SO funny. 
We made our selections and went home to carve. I got one whole picture from the carving session. There was too much going on. At John's request, we went with a Red Sox theme this year. I'm pretty sure it was the extra push they needed to win the World Series. This pumpkin has a lot of power! I drew the B, and John chiseled away at it. 
And the rest, as they say, is history. We're pretty pleased with it. 
These two are pretty cute too. And yes, again, I made them matching shirts. Yall, kids and holiday sewing is just so. much. fun. I also made Karis' flounce pants.
(A Fall Kids Clothes Round-Up is coming your way very soon). 
This is clearly before Jack mastered the whole hold-your-own-head-up-straight-for-longer-than-10-seconds thing. 
This also happened to be day 2 of Karis actually embracing the idea of wearing a bow. That made this Mama so happy. These two make me even happier.
I mean, really, look at them! 

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