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Thank You, Thank You

18 December 2013

Wow! To say I've been overwhelmed with the response to our story the other day is a major understatement. I received so many texts, emails, messages from you all; I was blown away. Thank you so much to those of you who shared your similar stories with me. I had been hesitant to share ours for some time now. I didn't want to come across as whining or complaining, but I also felt like I couldn't successfully move forward with this blog without being honest and transparent. It's something I've tried to do from the start.

I know that we are not the exception to the rule in losing our job. It's now a part of our life story...we are learning from it. And we hope to be better because of it. We are also very aware that while we lost our job, we still have so much more than so many others. This is something we have never lost sight of through it all. We continually thank God for His provisions.

Thank you, thank you for your kind words, your prayers, your love and support. We are so very thankful to have you be a part of our journey!

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