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Halloween 2013

04 November 2013

Agh! I'm so behind on things here at ole' Williamson Lane. I've got tons of fun fall stuff to catch you up on, but I thought it best to start with Halloween. I've been excited about this Halloween for months and months. I was thinking about costumes while I was still pregnant with Jack. For a while we considered doing a Wizard of Oz theme, having Karis be Dorothy and Jack as Toto. But then, one day John came home from work and said, 'what about The Little Mermaid?!? Karis can be Ariel and Jack can be Sebastian.' So, there it was decided...and apparently it was a very popular theme this year. 
Now, as usual, I didn't get to do all the little things I planned to do in order to make these costumes over the top. But, what can I say, October has been absolutely crazy. I had planned to make her a Flounder treat bag. We had no treat bag.
Mom fail. 
I had the basic idea for Karis' costume long ago, but it did end up being an evolution as I continued to sew. This seems to be the case so often for me. I did make a quasi-tutorial on how to make this mermaid outfit, if that's something that interests you. 
Originally, I just constructed a nude colored tee then appliqued the shells and created a mermaid skirt. But, when I put the skirt on her, she pulled it right off. She's never worn a skirt before...ever. So, plan B...let's make a dress. I realized that was probably a better idea anyway, and it worked great. 
And, yall, the best thing happened. My daughter, finally, after 26 months of life has agreed, in the past week, to keep hair bows in her hair. This makes me happier than you know. I have made hair bows for other people's girls for years and years. For the first 18 months of her life, Karis had basically NO hair. But since she has had enough hair for a little bow, she immediately rips them out of her hair. Oh, it's killed me. But, yall, hair clips with those curls. Stop. It. Now. 
Then there's, eh Sebastian. 
His costume was a consistent evolution as well. I started by creating a pattern by using one of his existing rompers, then I added some 'socks', a little toboggan, and added some extra legs to his belly. Those were my favorite part...I just sewed some legs, then stuffed them with some fleece I had and stitched a bend in the legs, then attached them to his belly. 
 I couldn't find my snap fastener anywhere, so I just sewed in some hook and eye closures for the legs and crotch area, to close it up. Worked like a charm. Jack was totally not digging sitting on the ground for pictures. 
Halloween also happened to be the day that Jack turned 3 months old! It's absolutely flown by.  Earlier in the day I tried to get some pics of him in the pumpkin...he was not. a. fan. But, he went in ok when he was in his costume. He also started teething this anything he can get in that mouth, he's going for it...even if it's a crab leg. 
 Other than that, he wasn't too big a fan. ha! 
For Halloween we went to a big festival that our church has every year. This year they even had a few live animals that Karis loved.  
 She got to pet the cows and goats. 
 And they had tons and tons of games, inflatables, you name it.
She absolutely loved it! 
 And there you have it...Halloween 2013 with my sweet babies!  

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  1. Their costumes are precious and major kudos for getting the baby in a pumpkin picture to work! I've seen so many fails! Thanks for adding it to Time For Mom! Hope to see you next week. :)


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