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Pickin' Apples

08 October 2013

There are quite a few fun things that come in the time as summer slowly fades in to fall. One of those things is apple season. We love that time of year here in Western North Carolina, but we spent the month of September in Rome, Georgia. So, I researched and found that the best place to go apple picking in North Georgia is Ellijay...and there are plenty of orchards to choose from there. 
 We decided to go on a weekend that John's parents were visiting with us and we had a fun time. Karis wasn't having the best day. She had three 2-year molars trying real hard to break through the skin and was not feeling well. (We discovered the next day that she had hand-foot-mouth on top of the teething, which explains why she felt so bad. Poor Baby Girl.) 
 Despite that, we did manage to have a pretty good time though. 
 It was pretty stankin' hot too. In general it was a pretty warm September in North Georgia. 
 There were tons of fun activities for kids at this orchard. 
 Nana even got in on the fun with the sand construction toys.
 One of the funniest parts of the day were these pigs races they was so much fun! 
 They had one area where the pigs had to run through water. Apparently pigs are not a fan of water...they were hysterical. 
 After playing on the play areas, watching pigs race, and eating lunch, we headed into the orchards to pick our apples. 
 Poor sick Baby Girl. 
 My boys.
(Jack was about 5 weeks old when we took this trip.)
 Karis didn't want to smile for a family picture, but she was willing to give Jack a kiss. Clearly, he liked it. 
 After pickin' our apples, we went on a tractor ride all over the property. 
 My in-law's go to Hillcrest Baptist Church down in FL, so we thought this was funny. 
One more attempt at a family picture. 
 My sweet babies with their grandparents. 
 Look how sweet that little boy is. 
That was our trip to the apple farm. We are actually going again this weekend, but in WNC and to the orchard that we really love up here. It beats this one in GA by a mile, but it was a fun day. 

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  1. Lovely pictures. I am in Ga and have heard of that orchard, but haven't had the chance to visit yet. Lovely blog!


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