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My Most Favorite Dress...Ever (So Far)

04 October 2013

I know that I just talked about being in the midst of fall goodness yesterday, but I just have to share one more dress from the summer season. It is my most favorite thing that I have ever made for Karis. Yes, I like this dress that much. I can't believe I haven't shared it here before. 
This dress is honestly a happy accident. Well, sort of. Way back in May when we went to Charlotte for the weekend to visit John's family, his mom, sister and I all went to one of her local fabric stores because they were having a great sale. We all perused and picked more fabric than we should, because that is what you do when you are a sew-er. Not to be confused with sewer, which is stinky. 
As my SIL was getting some fabric cut and I was wrapping things up one of the ladies who worked at the store asked if I found everything I was looking for. I usually just smile and say yes whether I mean it or not, but this time I decided to be honest. I said, I loved what I found but I was really hoping to find a coral fabric. She said she had just the thing for me and went to her sale room and brought back this fabric. First of all, I didn't even know they had a sale room. Secondly, I fell in love with the fabric...and the fact that it was on sale, sent me over the edge. (I actually bought this fabric in three different colorways. Hello.) 
So, back in June when I was doing my marathon sewing session, I did a few embroidery details on several pieces of fabric that weren't exactly cut into dresses yet. I knew what I wanted, basically, I just didn't have time to sew them all together then. This was one of those fabrics.

Oh, I should probably mention the aqua fabric. That was a Jo-Ann's find that I happened to have in my stash, because if you know me at all, you know aqua has been one of my most favorite colors since I was little. When I got this coral fabric home and saw it with the aqua, I knew this was it. These two were meant for each other. 
Back to the unfinished project in June. I wanted to do something different with this dress, so instead of a typical monogram or applique, I went with an appliqed K in a monogram font on the lower corner of the dress. Lower corner designs are my jam. Have been for years.
So, then I had a piece of fabric with an appliqued K sitting around for a while. 
I decided to make this into my modified version of a pillowcase dress, because I wanted it to have room for growth and I really like that design. Well, I made it, and as I've probably mentioned before, I don't use a pattern for that dress, I just kinda go with it. Turns out this one was big. Like way too big for Karis to wear this year, maybe even next. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 
I was way too in love with these fabrics and the potential this dress had to just let it go. I ripped a bunch of stitches out and made some major modifications. I took off about an inch on the front and back of the elastic gathers at the top. I took in some fabric on the sides, and tapered the dress to create an a-line shape. Then, the piece de resistance, I shirred it some at the waist to create a cute waist line. 
Yall, I fell in love with the finished product. It is my most favorite, previously-blundered creation. I know, it may not be yours, and that's fine. Different strokes, different folks.
But, put that cute dress on my ridiculously cute Baby Girl with her sweet little curls and little pearl necklace, plus her new Chucks that she's so proud of...I'm like butter.

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