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Jack: 12 Weeks

23 October 2013

My sweet, happy, cuddly little boy is 12 weeks old today. I can hardly stand it. Time stand still. But, don't. Motherhood - it's full of dichotomies. The incredible anticipation and hope for what your babies will become, but the intense desire to keep them little and close. This is why I am constantly thinking liking Mary: storing up all these things in my heart and pondering them. 
Ok, back to Jack. He is just so sweet.
As you know, he's had my wrapped for quite some time now. 
 Since I haven't done an update on him since he turned 6 weeks...
At Jack's 2 month visit, 
he weighed 11lb. 10oz. (50%) and was 24" long (80%).
This is quite different from his Sissy. Also, since we haven't updated in six weeks, here's a look at Jack as he's changed and grown in that time period. 
Jack loves to smile and giggle at his Mama these days. He really loves Karis, and Oh. My. Word. does she still love him SO much. She is never far from his side. She loves to give him kisses and hold his hand, especially at night during prayer time. She is so sweet towards him. 
Jack definitely still loves his sleep and if he hasn't gotten it or enough of it, he will let you know. He started sleeping from about 8pm to 7:30-8am a couple weeks ago, but he still has to have an 11pm feeding. I'd say this constitutes sleeping through the night. Although I'm pretty sure he won't be ready to drop that late night feed for a while...and I'm fine with that. He's still nursing every 3 hours throughout the day. 

He is not a fan of tummy time. He does finally like the bath, but doesn't like getting out until he's fully dressed. So not a fan of lotion.

We'll talk a little bit more about Jack when he turns 3 months in a week or so. Until then, here's a look at some of his faces lately. He slays me.
And yall, the eyelashes. Oh. My. Word. 

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