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Wrapping It Up

22 September 2013

I know, I know...this blog is just barely limping along this month. As I've mentioned before, circumstances this month are making it difficult to get much more done. I apologize. Things will improve greatly in a couple more weeks. But, let's go ahead and finish up Karis' birthday. I thought about just leaving it at the last post, but then I hate not being able to go back and see details. We will pick up where we left off. 

The Presents 
As I mentioned it was just a small get together, but Karis got a few fun gifts. 
 In the background you can see how Jack enjoyed Karis' little party...swinging. 
 She is now at an age that she really enjoys opening presents and has a lot of fun with it. 
 As you know by now Karis is all girl and absolutely loves carrying bags around like a purse. 
 And, of course, this girl loves to have fun...I love that sweet smile. 

The Actual Day 
 On Monday, Karis' actual birthday we took a trip to the park, which we hadn't done in a while since it had been so hot. (That and the fact that I just had a baby.) 
 The girl could stay on a swing all day long. She loves it! 
 Exploring the tunnels. 
 Little Miss Independent.
(And, yes, I put her birthday outfit in the laundry the night before so she could wear it again. We have to get as much wear out of it as we can!) 
 Oh, how I love this girl. 
That officially wraps up posts about Karis' birthday. Next we are moving on to new things. Stay tuned. 

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