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10 September 2013

Hello! I's been a while, I hate it. It actually has nothing to do with lack of desire to blog or even just being busy. We've had a lot of 'life' happening. Also, we moved to Rome, Georgia and have essentially had NO internet to speak stinks. I think we've figured out a way to get things up and running, at least some of the time. So, if all goes according to plan, we can get a few more posts churned out this month. I have so much to share, so we will be playing catch up as well.

But, until then, I keep hearing that many of you are eager to get updates on the little ones, specifically Jack. The day we moved here Jack turned one month old. I will be doing a little one-month post soon.
Just down the block from the hotel we are living in is a huge splash-pad fountain...and Karis loves it. 
 Jack has finally gotten big enough to move up a size in clothing, so he can wear his little bro onesie. And he is getting pretty good at finding his hand/thumb. 
Ok, well I hope to be back VERY soon. Be patient with me this month...I promise BIG things are coming down the pipe. 

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