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Karis Turns 2

14 September 2013

I can't really call it a 'party' because it was just a small get together with our little family of four, plus my mom and Tony. So, instead, we will call it the celebration - of Karis' 2nd birthday. We had our little soiree for Karis on Sunday, the day before her actual birthday (just like last year). Most of the day was just like any other, but after her nap time, we did have some fun. Let's see, where to begin...

The Outfit
I, of course, made Karis a new outfit for her birthday. I actually made a top and shorts, plus a birthday tee (I did this last year too). But, we only put her in the birthday tee and shorts on 'the day' this year, since it wasn't a true party with lots of guests. 
 I wanted to use aqua and pink (big surprise, since I've been using those colors for her since before she was born). I made these cute aqua chevron shorts with the pink polka-dot ruffles. The tee was an aqua flutter sleeve tee that I appliqued a chevron '2' on to with a pink anchor. Months ago when I started planning I had dreams of actually having a party, and it would have been a nautical theme with those two colors. But, since we are away from most of the people we know, a party didn't really work. The shirt still, however, works. This little shindig did take place at the beach after all. 
I will show you pics of the full outfit with matching top in the future. Also, just for kicks, I thought it'd be fun to take a look at last year's it is. Her tee is on the left (see, again, pink and aqua - ha!) and the top and ruffle pants on the left. Gosh, she was cute...and that's the day she started walking!!
The Decor
There were balloons. 
Which she loved. 
And I made this pretty cute bunting for her. 
Yeah, folks, simple is the name of the game. Keep in mind I had a 3-week-old also at this point. The presents added a flair of decor themselves. I did have some tissue poms to put up, but that didn't happen. Such is life. 

The Cake
Yall, this girl is a little like her Mama when it comes to loving cake. 
Here she is patiently waiting, with feet on the table no less.
 Ohhhh, there are candles.
 She did an awesome job blowing them out on her own. Thanks to all that practice from blowing on her food when it's too hot.
 Digging in.
 She's loving it. 
 Oh yes, she is!!
 All done.
I was hoping to wrap up this whole birthday thing today, but this post is getting long already. So, I'm gonna stop here for now...and then just one more post about it. Then we've got more to talk about. 

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