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A Birth Story: Jack Cameron (Part One)

24 September 2013

It was Tuesday, July 30, I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and I was to have (hopefully) my last OB appointment before the arrival of my sweet baby boy. The appointment was supposed to be at 9am, however, just as John and I were walking out the door to go, I got a phone call that the doctor was held up at the hospital and that my appointment was being pushed until 12pm. I was a bit disappointed, but it wasn't that big a we adjusted our plans for the day and moved on. John went to work for a few hours, then picked me up just before 12 and we went to the office together. He didn't typically come with me to appointments, but we knew that depending on what information we were given regarding my progress, we would be making some big decisions that day about when Jack would arrive. My mom was already in town to watch Karis, so she had her that day while we were gone. We sat in the waiting room for a while only to find out that the doctor was still held up at the it was going to be a wait. A few people from the waiting room opted to reschedule and come back another day. I told them the only thing I had going on was to have a baby, so I had time to wait. At 1pm, we were still waiting and it would still be a while, so John and I got permission from the front office to go grab lunch quickly as long as we were back within 30 minutes. We quickly ran and grabbed a bite to eat, only to return to the waiting room.

We came back and sat until 2pm when we were told that another doctor would be able to see us. As we walked back to the exam room I was so hopeful that there had been more progress and that Jack's arrival would be soon. I was disappointed to hear that I had not made any progress in the previous week, I was still 1.5cm dilated and 50-60% effaced. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. With the knowledge that we would be moving in four weeks and my desire to have Jack in July (it's one of my quirks, everyone has something. Karis' birth month is August, I wanted Jack to have his own with as close as their birthdays were going to be anyway. I know this doesn't matter to a lot of people. It mattered to me.) I thought that induction was not an option for a VBAC, but my doctor assured me it would be safe to use a small amount of pitocin to get the ball rolling and try for a VBAC. John and I deliberated and decided that we would go for it. I wanted to at least give my body the chance to VBAC and not jump straight into a repeat c-section. We signed some paperwork and the nurse scheduled us to come in for an induction the next morning at 5am. We left the doctor's office that day with the knowledge that we would be meeting our baby boy very soon. I still held out hope that my body would go in to labor on it's own.

John needed to run by the store for a few minutes, so we went up to the mall after we left the doctor's office. He went to the store and did his work while I opted to walk laps around the mall. I called my best friend, told her the update and asked her to join me in praying that labor would start on it's own. But that either way, we knew sweet Jack was coming soon. It was such a relief to know the end was in sight. Although, I will be honest, the thought of using pitocin did make me nervous since I knew it wasn't ideal in VBAC situations.

We went home and had dinner and simply enjoyed our last night as a family of three. We lavished Karis with love and soaked up the last time we would put her to bed as our only baby. It was bittersweet. I was beyond excited to meet our baby boy, but sad to lose the days of just having Karis alone. It was such a sweet time.

Then, a couple hours later something happened. I started having contractions....pretty regularly. My body had started in to labor on it's own. The contractions started at about midnight, as I was laying in bed watching tv. I couldn't sleep anyway. At some point a little while later I started timing them with an app on my iPad....they were about a minute in length and 3-5 minutes apart. This continued for the next few hours. I walked around the room a bit to keep things moving. Then at around 4am I got up and took a shower and got ready to head to the hospital. We decided that since we were scheduled to arrive at 5am that we would just stick with that time schedule, but instead of needing induction, we would be walking in already in labor.

To be continued...

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