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6 Weeks

11 September 2013

Today my sweet little Jack is 6-weeks-old. With our internet issues I haven't been able to give you any updates in four weeks. So, here it is. I don't have any numbers or statistics to share as we haven't been able to get in to a 1-month visit yet...the joys of moving and waiting on doctor's offices to transfer medical records. (This is not a quick process.) 
He's such a sweet little thing. He's still definitely a Mama's Boy.
And, he still definitely loves and needs his sleep. 

We have just about gotten to a 3-hour feeding schedule, although there are times he is ready a little sooner. I can typically get a 4-5 hour stretch from him one time during the night. Of course, this doesn't mean I get that much sleep at once, but it has been nice to get a longer stretch. 

He's finally grown big enough to wear 0-3/3 month size clothes and is in a size 1 diaper. He was in newborn clothes until 5 weeks...and newborn diapers for the first month (preemie diapers for the first week or so).

Tonight when we walked to dinner I took a couple pictures of him in the stroller cause he was so cute. This face reminds me of his Sissy's 'what you talkin' 'bout Willis?!?' face. 
And, well this was just sweetness.
We also made our own DIY Sit n' Stand stroller tonight. (Before anyone tells me this is unsafe, John was right next to Karis and kept his hand on her for the most part.) Also (another disclaimer) Karis has been so good about only using her paci for nap time and bed time, but we are currently cutting 2-year molars and Karis has hand-foot-mouth disease. Yeah, it's been a real picnic around here. So, needless to say, we've let things slide this week. 

But, back to the walk, Rome has a really cute, fabulous downtown and we go walking every night. It's been great. 
As you may have noticed, Jack has gone bald on top, but has yet to lose hair anywhere else on the sides or back. Basically he looks like an 80-year-old man. :) 

Just before we left Myrtle Beach, Jack had his 15-minutes 24-hours of fame on billboards all over town. He was the 'Baby of the Day'. So fun!! 
 And, since it's been a while since I've done a Jack update, here's a look back through the weeks. 
There you go, my sweet, growing boy. We love him more every day.

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