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21 August 2013

As I mentioned before, we had several family members come visit with us with our recent arrival of Baby Jack. My mom came a few days before Jack arrived and stayed several days after he was born. She is the one who stayed with Karis while we were in the hospital for two days. This was the first time we have been away from Karis over night and she did a good job.
I missed her so much I couldn't stand it. 
The last night that my mom was with us was her birthday, so we tried to catch a few pictures. Taking pictures with a newborn and a toddler is...interesting. 
She was, however, very open to dolling out kisses to her Annie and Grandpa Tony. Kisses from grandbabies are like gold. Or so I hear. 
A couple days later John's parents along with his sister and her family came to visit. This is the first picture that was taken of all the cousins (on this side). 
They had SO much fun together. Karis thinks she's 5 when she's with her older cousins. She absolutely adores them! Here they are having fun at the pool...and of course, Karis was goofing off. 
They also had a ton of fun down at the beach. 
Cameron absolutely loved holding Jack. She loves babies!
Then, of course, Nana and Grandaddy with all their grandbabies. 
And a couple more of the crew. As you can see, again, Karis wasn't totally feeling the picture thing. One day she'll hate that I posted these, but they made me laugh. And she loves to laugh. So, I think it works. 
We also went out to the beach one evening, and Karis had her typical fun time. My girl loves water more than anyone I know. She also loves to have a good time. 
We absolutely loved having everyone come to see us. Our time in Myrtle Beach has been so sweet and it's been nice to share that with family. 

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  1. Just started reading your blog....congrats on your new addition!!! He is a cutie! Oh, so jealous that you live on the beach!!!!! My favorite spot ;)


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