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Elephants with a Tank...Plus, a Giveaway

19 August 2013

You may recall when I wrote this post, that I mentioned a tank dress. I was going to use that rhino fabric to make that outfit into a dress, but decided to keep it as a shirt and shorts set. I did, however, make this elephant fabric into a fun and simple tank dress. I finally got a couple pictures of Karis in it a day or two before Jack was born. It was SUPER hot and right around lunch time (neither are ideal for taking pictures with a toddler), but we still got a few shots. 
 We decided to stop down by the river at the boat ramp, we hadn't ever been there and it was fun for Karis to see the boats go down the ramp and get loaded into the water. 
 I originally bought this fabric last summer. I saw it in Joann's and immediately fell in love with it. I was going to make the same type of dress, but time got away from me and it didn't happen. 
 These tank dresses are really super easy to do. Just create a skirt and attach it to the top of a tank top that's been cut-off. Pretty simple stuff, but makes for a cute look that is also very comfortable and has a great fit. 
 I put her monogram on the top in an aqua color. But, if I didn't have an embroidery machine I would have either appliqued one of the elephants on the top part of the tank or created some fabric flowers to sew on, using the same colors. So you can create a cute look like this too, even without a big honkin' machine like mine. 

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway!! One of you will win one item of your choice from The Dress Up Box! You fun! As a wife, mom and former-sewing-business-owner-and-will-open-my-business-again-one-day girl, I am so excited to share Wendy and her very unique shop with you. She is very talented and has a really cool story and style.

Here's a little more about Wendy and The Dress Up Box...

Last year my husband left on his first deployment. We were lucky and his deployment length was reduced to six months. Still, that's a long time to be away from a spouse or father and my children and I were eagerly awaiting his return.  I decided to make something for our daughters to wear when we greeted him when he arrived. I made two pettiskirts and had such a great response to them. With the encouragement of my husband behind me, I decided to start making items that military family and friends can have clothing and accessories to show their support and pride for their loved ones. 

I officially opened The Dress Up Box on June 1st, so this business is quite new and I'm so excited and thrilled with the response I've had in the last couple months. 

I use new, store-bought fabric, but can use upcycled fabric from discarded uniforms. The military ends up discarding a large quantity of uniforms in great condition due to minor issues like ink stains that are unable to be removed in one area (but the rest of the uniform is great!), or there is an update in uniform type, so those of the older style get discarded.
When I find some, I always was all uniforms on a sanitary cycle before using them in any garment making. All items made with upcycled fabric are noted in listings. Custom orders are made with new fabric unless otherwise noted. This also allows for customers to donate an old jacket of their loved one and I can make a garment or accessory out of that piece of clothing. 
I also make non-military themed items as well! If you're the winner, your item doesn't have to have the camouflage pattern on it. 

Now, to enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment below...about what you would like to have Wendy make if you won! (If you don't have a blog or belong to Google+, please make sure you leave an email or I will not be able to contact you if you win.)

This contest will run through tonight, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday. Please, be sure to check out Wendy's shop and her Facebook page


  1. I'd love to have some matching dresses made for my girls. One is almost three, and the new addition is just 4 months. As of yet, they only have one coordinating outfit, but I can't wait to get them into little coordinated little looks soon!

  2. Oh that is super cute! You are a great seamstress!!!

  3. She is so cute and I love her outfit. I have a two year old boy and have no clue what to get him. I would love to have some new photos of him.

    Congratulations on the new shop.


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