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Boy Meets Girl

06 August 2013

**This post is going to be pretty picture heavy, that's your fair warning. **
But, this isn't my story, this is theirs, and their story is best told through pictures.
It's also important to me to do justice in sharing their story with you. 

A couple hours after Jack was born, my sweet babies got the chance to meet for the first time. Here is their first encounter. 
Immediately following that look of wonder and amazement, the first of many kisses that Karis has for Jack. 
She wanted so badly to hold him, so we set them up on the bed....and she took her job very seriously. 
She is incredibly proud of him. 
And loves him so. 
We knew that Karis was going to like Jack before he ever came. She has been obsessed with babies for months now. Every time we pass a baby she points and says "be-be" over and over.
Here she is saying "be-be" about her baby. She just kept saying it at the hospital. 
We had been talking about Baby Jack coming for so long I think she was so happy to finally meet him...and that we actually held up our end of the bargain and had a baby. :) 
We had Baby Jack bring Karis a little present, since afterall, he was invading her very Karis-centered world. When John held them both so Jack could 'give her' the present, she was much more interested in just being with him. She wanted to hold him. 
She, of course, gave him many more kisses. 
And she just loves exploring this new baby. 
But, we did eventually get on to the present. 
It's a new little puppy (her other obsession) and she does love it. It's her 'puppy brother' for all you AT&T-commercial-loving-folks like us. 
She wanted to show Jack right away. 
Then, Karis was sure to thank Jack for her gift. 
And tell Daddy all about it. (She loves her Daddy so, too, and it just melts me). 
(This is just so you can get a good look at her shirt. Jack has a matching onesie, but he's so tiny it's not gonna fit for a while.) 
Karis is telling Mama all about her Baby Brother.
The above pictures are all from a quick trip not long after Jack was born. Karis got to come back up to the hospital to visit for longer after we got moved to a post-partum room.
And, yes, she still loves him so. 
These pictures crack me up...
...she's very sweet with little pats on his head...
...and about 100 kisses a day. (Plus, she's starting to figure out the head lock!) 
As soon as we got home from the hospital, Karis couldn't wait to hold him again. 
And if you're wondering if she's 'gotten over it' yet...the answer is definitely no.
She holds him everyday.
She is such a proud Big Sister.
And who wouldn't be proud to be a part of this sweet boy's life?!?
She is incredibly protective and stays as close to him as possible when we go out. She always has her hand on the stroller when we walk and checks on him all the time.
First thing in the morning, every morning, Karis runs in to see Jack. She wants to hold him and give him kisses...and loves cuddle time like this.
This one is from right after her nap...same story. 
If he's asleep in his pack-n-play she will stand watch over him. She has pulled her stool up next to his bed so that she can see him. 
Our sweet babies are so in overwhelms me. Karis loves her brother fully. And she loves him well. I know that not every day of their lives will be like this. At some point he will annoy her, and she will pick on him. But not today, not now. For now, they have nothing but love for one I will cherish these days and protect them. 


  1. So sweet! Just wait the highlight of my day is when my girls (4 & 15 months) see each other in the morning! Especially the 15 month old!! My heart melts with her squeals!! Congratulations!!


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