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A Look at Year 2: Part Two

28 August 2013

Karis Week continues with a look at the second half of Karis' second year. In case you missed it, we did Part One yesterday. Also, on Monday (Karis' actual birthday) was a letter to my Baby Girl

19 Months - March 
This was a fun month! Karis continued with gymnastics and absolutely loved it, she also started swim lessons. We took a family trip to Charleston, despite too much rain we had a lot of fun. We also visited the aquarium and loved it. March was also the month that we learned that Karis would be a big sister to a baby boy!! 
20 Months - April
We moved to a new condo in April. But first, we celebrated Easter with John's family who came to visit us. My parents came a couple weeks later for a quick visit. There was lots of time spent swimming and Karis was very helpful in the kitchen
21 Months - May 
We enjoyed the beach...a lot this month. We also spent time playing at the museum. Karis got some new dresses and we took family maternity pictures
22 Months - June 
We took a fun trip home to Asheville for a weekend this month. It was so fun to see our old friends and be 'home' for just a bit. Karis loved her new tent...and had a ton of fun playing around.
23 Months - July 
The month of celebrations: first it was the 4th of July, then Cow Appreciation Day, and best of all - the arrival of Baby Jack. In between all these things we spent lots of time at the beach and at the pool. Oh, and we moved to another new condo
24 Months - August 
Karis embraced the role of Big Sister fully. She loves Jack so! She loved spending time with family and her cousins when everyone came to visit. Of course, more time was spent at the beach and the pool. Any time this girl can get in the water, she is happy! 
Karis' second year was so much fun! We look forward to the next one. Our girl continues to grow and learn each day. We love her so much and are so grateful to have her in our lives. 


  1. Stopping by from the Mom link up! What a sweet little lady you have! :) Excited to follow along!

    Amy @ keepin' up with the Smiths

  2. Visiting from The Mom-Lovin Blog Hop (in my case its Mum-lovin)

    Karis is a beautiful name! For a beautiful little girl. I adore her hair and nose. What a cutie!
    And congratulations on Jack! I just had a little girl in July and Its crazy having two munchkins. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world though.



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