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A Look at Year 2: Part One

27 August 2013

In honor of Karis turning 2 yesterday, I wanted to take a look at her second year of life...month by month. I'm breaking this up over two days so it's not too many pictures. So, here you have it: Year Two of Karis' Life...

13 Months - September
In September we moved to Iowa to join Daddy who had already been there for a month. Iowa was not the most exciting place, so we spent a lot of time going to the park and playing. Karis also started brushing her teeth, and of course found time to get into things. 

14 Months - October 
In October, we took a family trip over to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary. We also drove through Wisconsin on the way home, where we stopped at a pumpkin patch and corn maze. It was such a fun trip! We also celebrated Halloween by carving a pumpkin and Karis was the cutest little owl ever!
15 Months - November 
November was a big travel month for us. Karis and I flew to North Carolina where we picked up our van, then drove to Penscola, Florida where we celebrated Thanksgiving with John's family. Then, we had a very long drive from Florida to Iowa. Karis was a champ through it all. Of course, in between all the travels we managed to spend some time in the kitchen and do some baking. 
16 Months - December 
December was another month of travels. This time we went to Orlando to celebrate Christmas with my family. Karis had a ton of fun with her cousins; we went strawberry picking and spent the day at a farm while in Florida. We experienced a blizzard, which was not the most fun. We had plenty of travel delays heading back to Iowa, then turned around the next day and started our 3 day trek to South Carolina for our next assignment. 

17 Months - January 
After two months of heavy travel, we laid low in January. We enjoyed our new condo, right on the beach. Karis absolutely loved that our front yard was the biggest, best sand box imaginable. We went on lots of walks and just had fun together. 
18 Months - February 
We did some more traveling in February. John, Karis and I all went to Pensacola for a weekend and visited his parents. The day after we got back, Karis and I jumped in the van and drove to Orlando to see my family. Once again, Karis loved spending time with her cousins, this time we took a trip to the zoo. This month included Karis' 16th plane ride (her first was only 6 months prior). We also got in the groove of enjoying some activities around Myrtle Beach, like the Children's Museum.
There you have it. A quick look back at the first half of Karis' second year. It was a good one and we loved every minute with our sweet girl. 

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