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We Moved...Again (Take 3?!?)

03 July 2013

So, yeah, as I mentioned the other day we knew we were gonna move again soon. It was just supposed to happen next Monday on the 8th. Well on Friday afternoon we got an email saying something wasn't working out quite right and we wouldn't be able to get into the new condo until Tuesday the 9th. So, still moving, just pushed back a day. That same afternoon at around 4:30 John text me to say he was leaving to come home in a minute. Well at 6:00 he still hadn't shown up and I hadn't heard anything else so I text him to see if everything was ok. He called to say he'd been on the phone with rental people and that we would be moving on Sunday. Like 36 hours later. Ha. 

John brought home a few boxes that night and we started to pack. We packed some on Saturday also, but it was also the end of the month that day, which means a busy work day for John. I continued to pack while he was at work. 

On Sunday morning we decided it was in the best interest of time to skip church and get going on our move. With just the 2 of us, one of us being 35.5 weeks pregnant plus a 22 month old, this was going to be a long day. Plus at our now former condo we had stairs to carry everything down. Oh yeah, and did I mention it was raining all day?!? 

So we got the van packed to the gills and took our first trip over to the new condo that morning. I guess now is a good time to tell you about the new place. It's basically back on the beach. It's not technically on the beach, as there is another condo between us and the beach. But we are maybe 150 yards away, just a short walk and no roads to cross to get there. This type of condo unit, in July in particular, means lots of tourists in our building. When we show up on a Sunday morning to try to unload our stuff, we can't find a cart anywhere cause everyone else is checking out from the week. Oops. So, we packed all we could in a stroller and loaded ourselves down with as much as we could carry and took a trip up to our new place. We checked it all out hoping to give other guests some time to check-out so we could access a luggage cart. (Does that sound lazy? This is where I will remind you about the very pregnant woman and tell you that our condo is on the penthouse, 9 floors up.) 

Anyway, I could drag this story out even longer, but I won't. After a long day of trips back and forth and up and down...we finally got all of our stuff over to the new condo. And, this is what it looked like at about 9 that night. 
Yeah, a little chaotic. That's our living and dining area.
And here's our kitchen.
Needless to say we still had quite a bit of work ahead of us. But, we were in...Baby Girl was in bed and that's about all that mattered that night.

Now it's been a couple days and we are 90-95% settled and unpacked. It's just a couple bags of mostly random stuff that needs to get put away. I've been trying to put things away very strategically since life is going to change immensely in the time that we are at this condo. It's been raining almost non-stop since we got here until this afternoon. This is our new view. Not too shabby.
Today should have been a regular scheduled baby bump-date, but we are behind and hadn't taken any pics yet. That update will be coming tomorrow!

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