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Rhino You Are, But What Am I?

29 July 2013

As I've mentioned before there are hardly any fabric stores in all of Myrtle Beach (4 to be exact) and they are lackluster at best. But, one day when I was perusing one near our old condo I stumbled across this cute rhino fabric and I fell in love with it. 
I love the white rhinos against the peach-y background. I knew immediately I would be able to do something with it, so I bought a yard.
My original plan was to use it to make a tank-dress. I made one of those a few months ago and still have yet to share it with you, argh!

With that plan in mind, when I was in the midst of my marathon sewing session back in June, I stitched Karis' monogram on to this white tank top. 
Then, it sat in my pile of half-finished things. This pile consisted of things that I put some kind of monogram or applique on back in June before we took the embroidery machine back to Asheville, but still weren't completed as they needed additional sewing to be done.
Cut to the day we were moving in to our current condo....and here's a little side-note story for you. As I mentioned before, the day we moved was very rainy. During one of our trips back to the new condo, while John and I were loading up a couple luggage carts with our stuff, Karis started entertaining herself in the puddles in the parking garage. And by entertaining herself, I mean full-on, jumping and much that at some point she fell down and completely rolled around in the puddle. She was drenched...soaked head to toe. We got her upstairs and this tank top was one of the few shirts we could actually put our hands on to change her in to.
After that I decided it was nice having a white tank, with some kind of embellishment on it, and that I would probably rather keep it as a tank. Plus, I have made Karis a ton of dresses, so I didn't think she needed another one.
I considered letting this fabric sit in my stash and pick it up again in the future for another project. But, then I decided that shorts would be pretty cute. Plus, I stitched the monogram in a pretty specific shade of peach-y-pink, so it would be nice to have something it matched really well.
After I ended up buying Dana's new Kid Shorts Pattern, I decided it was a I whipped up these shorts. They were ridiculously quick and easy to make. Plus, they turned out pretty cute! There will be many more hand-made shorts in the future for the Williamson children.
So, there you have it...another summer outfit for Karis. I know when I share these outfits with you I tend to put a lot of pictures, but these posts serve more purpose than just showing off clothing creations. They are also to document my Baby Girl and her life. Thanks for joining us for the journey!!


  1. The shorts are so cute AND I love the monogrammed tank top! She is so adorable! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Mondays! Can't wait to read more!

  2. SO cute! I love the shorts! I could probably make some but I never want to sew in the summer. Usually only in the fall/winter:)

  3. Adorable! Another reason I wish I could sew! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I love that picture of her in the air! Great moment. Thanks for joining Mommy Mondays this week!


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