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Beach As Just 3

25 July 2013

We recently took our last trip to the beach as a family of just 3. John took the day off, since we had our 39-week appointment in the afternoon and I needed him to be home with Karis. So, in the morning we headed down to the beach for a while.
We tried to do this on Sunday, but the weather was pretty crummy and overcast. It honestly wasn't great the day we went, but we did it anyway. Plus, when it's cloudy, it's not miserable hot.
Karis had so much fun running back and forth. This girl LOVES the beach. Everything about it. The water and waves; sand and sun. You name it, she loves it.
A few times a week we like to walk down to the beach after dinner and let her play for a bit. We don't put her in a bathing suit for those trips...we just play in the sand and get ankle deep in the water. That's honestly something we will probably continue even after Jack arrives. We really like to walk at night after dinner...and the beach makes it fun. 

We have been really blessed with this assignment, with the opportunity to live at the beach. We have really enjoyed it.
Karis caught the attention of several people who loved watching her run around and play. I make no apologies for being a proud Mama of my little girl, but it is fun to hear perfect strangers see how fabulous she is.

She is an absolute joy and I just can't get enough of her!
I cherish these times with my sweet family. I am so excited that we will soon be a family of 4, but we do love to soak up the moments of Karis being our only baby. 

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