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Another Dress for Baby Girl

21 July 2013

I have another dress to show you! It is, however, the same style that you have seen the chevron Sailor dress. So, hopefully that doesn't bore you. :) There are a few differences between this one and the last one, though. 
 These pictures were taken after church one day, so wrinkles had definitely set-in. My apologies.
This time I wanted to add pockets to the dress...and of course, I love a little a monogram on the pocket was a no brainer!
She loves the pockets and puts her hands in them all the time, it's so cute. And, of course, I couldn't catch a single picture of that.
It's a little hard to tell in these pictures, but the main fabric for the dress is a pale aqua. It's got a subtle paisley design in it, with almost a small pebble design.
The straps and the contrast band at the bottom are a swirly design with aqua, corally-pink, green, and an orange-y color. The pockets are the same corally-pink and have the pebble design on them. I bought these fabrics when we went to Charlotte about a month ago.
I shortened the length of the ruffle that sits above the elastic band on the bodice. I like this length MUCH better than with the first dress I made with this pattern.
 I also fixed the issues I had with the straps the first time. It makes for a much better fit.
There you have it...another dress for Karis! Not a very exciting post, but just an update in the sewing world.

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