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Maternity Photo Shoot

07 June 2013

Today I picked up the CD of our pictures from our photo shoot a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share some of them with you. If we are friends on Facebook, then you've already seen a few sneak peeks, but we've got even more today. Just a warning right now, this post is photo-heavy, and well, me-heavy. Did you catch that?!? Yes, that little double entendre was just for you. :)

Let's start with me as a candy striper. Gotta watch the number of 'P's in that word, or it becomes something else entirely. :)
 Next, I am joined by my super cute husband. Otherwise known as Baby Daddy. jk. not really.
And, then there is our precious Baby Girl who was really only interested in doing her own thing at this point, which of course did not include taking pictures with Mama and Daddy. It did, however, involve dandelions.
Oh. My. Word. This next picture absolutely slays me. The eyes. The lips. My beautiful Baby Girl. 
 Oh, I know I'm biased, but my goodness she is a pretty girl.
Then we moved over to the beach (which was only about 50 feet from where we were first shooting these pictures).
 Again, Karis was very content on her own. This time it meant playing in the sand...
 ....and of course, playing in the water.
 She obliged us for a couple shots.
And, we will finish the shoot with a shot of Baby Jack. (I love this picture.) The next time we have family pictures he won't be tucked away in my belly, he'll be out here with us all...our family of 4!
We used the same photographer that we did for Karis' 18 month pictures this time - Teri Salvino. I honestly can't say enough good things about her. She's already even booked to do Jack's newborn pictures and Karis' 2 year shots. If you are in the Myrtle Beach area and are looking for a photographer...OR if you are coming to MB for a vacation and have some interest in getting family pictures done while you are here, Teri is your girl. For real, she is fabulous to work with, her rates are incredibly reasonable...and her work is great!

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