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Feed the Ducks

28 June 2013

A week or so ago our best friends were in town with their student ministry for, we got together with them one night for dinner. It was an early dinner because the students had an evening session to get to. Because it was an early dinner, and the place we were going has a nice park, I took some old bread we had so that we could go feed the ducks after dinner. As luck would have it, John dressed Karis in one of her new outfits that I really hadn't photographed yet...and thus a perfect combination of fun with friends/fun with Baby Girl/outside time/clothes photoshoot was born.

Now, this outfit is not entirely new to've seen snippets of it here and there. She wore it for part of our maternity photo shoot, but as you recall she was not exactly Miss Cooperative that night, so it really wasn't pictured all that much. Either way, I like to get things well documented, so here we go...

I used the Girl's Picnic Apron Top from Tenderfeet Stitches for the top. Obviously, this is without the apron and a few other modifications...because, well, it's me and I tweak everything to my liking.
The shorts are the Bubble Shorts Pattern from elephants & elegance. I love this pattern and this is something you will see on Karis a lot...for years to come. It's a simple, easy-to-follow pattern, with much cuteness to boot. 
On the top, I had to do some major shortening of the straps. If they are too long, Karis starts to pull on them and untie them. But even more than that, they were just way too long. (Check out that X on her back, didn't I tell yall she was getting tan?!?) 
I also decided to forgo the bib accents on the front of the top for a simple monogram. I think the bib detail in the pattern is super cute, but not what I wanted for this outfit. (This is also Karis showing us how the ducks are eating.) :)
I love that the back of the top is elastic so that there is room to grow with it. This pattern could easily be used for fall or winter also, with a shirt underneath.  
It moves really well with her and seems to be quite comfortable. Here she is showing us how well she can throw the bread. ha!
My original vision for this outfit was something that would work for the 4th of July, but also be a cute outfit to wear any other time. I found this chambray for super cheap at Walmart and it was an instant winner. I'm not a huge fan of their fabrics, but this is holding up really well so far. Plus, it made the shorts a whopping $2 or less. The top was probably $3.50, when you add the other fabric. These are prices I love!
The red is an old print, but I still like it. I found it at one of the very few fabric stores around here and knew immediately it was what I wanted. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
As far as reds go, this one is not super red. It's got lots of coral-terra cotta undertones, which is totally up my alley.
Plus, chambray is such a summer fabric, I feel like it all just works perfectly together.
So, there you have it...another of Karis' new looks for the summer. You like?!?
What would a photoshoot be without some Daddy-Daughter love? These two are crazy about each other...and I'm crazy about them. 
Oh, and this one I just HAD to share because yall don't get to see it enough. But, my Baby Girl has got some curls. And I am in love with them. I try to capture them on film often, but it just doesn't do them justice, this about as good as I've gotten. But my goodness, I love those sweet curls. 

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