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Everyday Life with Karis

27 June 2013

I'd say a good 50 times a day I find myself taken aback by Karis. I find that I'm overwhelmed by how much I love her; when I'm certain she couldn't get cuter, she goes and proves me wrong. Daily. Multiple times a day. I'm just constantly surprised (in the best way possible) by my sweet girl. I genuinely think this is just how I feel about her, that it really doesn't have anything to do with Jack's impending arrival. Although, I am well aware that the days when my precious Baby Girl is the only one following me around and my sole focus each day are fleeting. I am equally happy and sad about this. I absolutely cannot wait to meet my sweet Baby Jack, but I will miss this special time I've had with Karis. So, I thought I'd share just a few moments from the past week or so that she's made me laugh or I've just thought she was cute, etc. 

As you know the past few weeks I was working ridiculously hard to get way too much stuff sewn. For the most part I did all of this while Karis was asleep...either at nap time or after she went to bed. There were a few times that I worked while she was awake, mostly on a Sunday when John was home. But, Friday was my final day, we were heading to Asheville around lunchtime and I had 2 very small projects to stitch out. John went in to work early that morning, so it was just me and Karis at home. I had to finish the sewing projects, get everything packed up, etc. It was a busy morning...fortunately, Karis is very good at independent play. But, let's be honest, I'm not a fan of ignoring my child. You also are probably not aware of the fact that my embroidery machine was in our closet. Yes, I spent countless hours in the close stitching out numerous things. It is technically a walk-in closet, but my goodness, it just barely fits the bill. It was very small quarters. So, on Friday morning I'm in the closet and Karis is usually in and out while I'm sewing because she likes to help. Well, all of a sudden, she closes the closet doors, tells me 'bye-bye' and leaves our bedroom. Typically she comes back a few minutes later, but not this time. I didn't hear her for a few minutes, so I came out and found her in the living room with the laptop out. She knows the laptop is a 'no-no' for her. Sneaky little thing. 
I've probably not mentioned it on here before, but Karis is OBSESSED with dogs right now. If she sees a picture of a dog in a book, she kisses the book. If it's on one of our phones or the iPad, she will kiss the phone or iPad. The girl practically jumps out of the stroller to pet them when we are out on our walks. (We have a ton of dogs in our neighborhood.) She loves them. Well, while in Asheville we actually dog-sat at the house we were staying. We knew this would work out great since Karis is just SO into dogs right now. To say she was smitten is an understatement. At any given time, you could find Karis right by the dog's side. I didn't get too many pictures, but I did snap a few. In this first one she's giving the dog a hug. 
This next pose is honestly how she was almost all the time, gently petting him. Talking to him, squealing because he was there, you name it. She would also lay on her belly face to face with him and talk to him...on and on. And of course, there were plenty of kisses for him too. 
This last one absolutely cracks me up. I'm not sure when Karis got so old that she learned to start posing like this, but I love it. She's just so happy to be with a puppy. Also, all of these were taken first thing in the morning. As soon as she woke up each day she would go looking for him. That's my little puppy lover. 
This morning Karis got really sneaky with me. I was blow-drying my hair...which is sadly SO rare these days. Anyway, she ran in and was adamant that I come to the living room immediately...something was wrong. I assumed that she spilled my water or something. So, I set the hair dryer down and went to the living room. As I'm looking around, for what I assume is just a spilled drink, she runs back in to our bathroom and picks up the hair dryer to start doing her own hair. 
This girl makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day. 
Today we ran a few errands and went up to see Daddy for lunch, I snapped a couple pictures as we were coming back home, because she was just cute. We finally got our replacement pair of Babiators (ours were lost for a while). Karis loves these sunglasses and is really good about keeping them on. She wanted to carry her baby doll in the car today, but as we neared the steps she didn't feel like carrying her anymore. Let's hope she doesn't try to hold Jack like this. :)
She usually carries the keys upstairs for us when we come know, cause she's a big girl. 
 And she does so good on her own with all the stairs. My Baby Girl is growing up.
Speaking of stairs, home, etc. We are moving...again. But, still within Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, the place we are going is even smaller than where we are now, but we can't complain. For our small little family, it works fine...for anyone wanting to come visit us when Baby Jack comes, it's not the best. We are trying to come up with some solutions for this issue. Boo. We move in about 10 days, so I will update you again on the subject another time.

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