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A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea

02 June 2013

It's finally time to share some of Karis' new clothes with you. Are you excited?!? Or is this boring for you? Gosh, I hope not...cause there will be a pretty steady stream of them coming. :) Here is the first dress (of the season) that I will share with you. 
I used the Ginger Snap Play Dress pattern for this dress. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a cute, easy pattern and stitches together pretty quickly. There are a few tweaks that I will do next time I make it, but overall, I really like it. 
I knew I wanted her to have a dress with some navy in it. After some consideration I really liked yellow as a good compliment to the navy. Next it was just finding some fabrics. Fabric is not easy to come by in Myrtle
I felt pretty sure that I wanted a chevron, but had I found another fabric that I liked, I would have gone with it. One day Karis and I stumbled across this navy chevron and I snatched it up. Later we found the pale yellow dots to go with it.
The actual dress pattern has a big bow that goes across the top and pockets on the front. I like the look of both of those things, but it's not what I wanted for this dress.
However, when I finished the initial construction of the dress I knew I wanted something to go on the front to break up that chevron. It's pretty busy as far as chevrons go, and could use something to break it up a bit. I considered doing pockets or even just one pocket and adding her monogram in navy. This would have been really cute, but it's not quite what I was feeling for this dress. Everything else about the dress was reading nautical to me, so I wanted to continue that theme with some kind of applique. I thought about an anchor, ship wheel, or even a crab. John was concerned that an anchor or ship wheel (which is what I was leaning towards the most) was not really girly. While I like his opinions on things, I stuck with my gut and went with an anchor. I love it!
One of the best parts of this dress (to me) is that it has plenty of room to grow with Karis and will make a cute tunic/top even when it's too short as a dress. So, I'm pretty sure this is a long-term item for her closet. Hooray!
 It moves really well with her and seems to be pretty comfy to boot. Winning.
Just in case you'd like to see it just hanging by itself.
Of course, I think it looks even better on my super cute model!  
There's our 'Sailor Went to Sea' Dress. I love it (and hope you do too!) It's great for summer...and we are living at the beach, so it works all around. :)

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  1. Oh my word, too cute!! I don't know which is cuter - the dress or the model :).


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