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16 May 2013

Today's post is just a little bit of precious, courtesy of my sweet Baby Girl. The other day I was in her room grabbing her a dress to wear for the day. When I came out of her room, I found her like this.
She pulled her little chair up, got her baby doll, and a couple of books, and started reading stories to the baby doll. It was beyond sweet. I immediately went for my camera, and normally when I do this she stops whatever it is she's doing. Not this time, she could have cared less about me taking pictures, she just kept reading to her baby.
I love how into her story she is right here...she's just going on and on talking to the baby. She's not yawning, she's in the middle of a word. (And, yes, she does actually have a diaper on.)
As you can see, about partway through this fun time, I did go ahead and put her dress on. She went right back to reading.
 I love it how she's holding the story open so the baby can see the pictures too.
And, finally, if this isn't the sweetest little picture. My Baby Girl has such a sweet, tender heart. She is incredibly loving and nurturing. She loves to be around babies (and baby dolls) and she is so helpful and kind.
Moments like these make me beyond excited to welcome Baby Jack into our family. I know Karis is going to love him so much. I look forward to seeing her in action as Big Sister.

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  1. she is SO cute!! we LOVE the book "You Are My I LOVE YOU"!!!!! you are such a sweet mommy!!


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