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A Visit & A Walk

07 May 2013

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents came down and spent a few days with us a couple weeks ago. One night while we were out for a walk after dinner (a pretty routine thing for us to do) I snapped a few pictures. 

Our condos sit on the river here and there is a small canal that juts off the river that runs up behind one row of condos. This is also where Hole #4 of the golf course is located. This canal is absolutely full of turtles...and they don't hesitate to come when you walk up to the canal or across the bridge. Here's some of them as we were walking across the little bridge. 
We are used to seeing boats go up and down the river, but this is the first time I had seen a barge this large. I don't know, perhaps barge isn't the correct term for this? Either way, this thing was massive.
 We got a couple of shots of Karis with her Annie and Grandpa Tony.
Wouldn't it be fun if we could still fly in the air like this?!?
Karis loves to ride on her Daddy's shoulders. I love it when she does because she is SO oblivious to where she is putting her hands. She shoves them in his eyes, nostrils, you name it...and I laugh every time.
She sure does love it though! 
We started picking dandelions with Karis when she was probably 9 months old, and she still loves it. Any time she sees one on our walks, she is sure to pick it.
Then, of course, she loves to chase the ducks. This is on the tee box of Hole #5, which is the hole we live on.
 Go, get them Karis! 
 Until they fly away! 
 Where did they go?!? 
 It's finally time to head back home. 

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