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We Moved!

08 April 2013

Hello out there!
We are alive...we have just been super busy. We moved!
We are still in Myrtle Beach, but we moved to a new condo about 20 miles away from where we were. It's definitely very different than where we were, but we are liking it quite a bit. We are not 100% settled yet, I'd say we are 87% there. We've actually been 87% there since Saturday night, and I have halted on forward progress. :) When we moved to our last condo in MB, I got things settled and pretty much everything was put away relatively quickly. That is primarily because we were upgrading big time...we had previously been living in a hotel room and then got to a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo. It was fabulous! Well, this time we are down-sizing...and at the same time our family is we are having to get creative to make the most of our space. We have plenty of room and the condo is nice, it's just an adjustment. I'm really happy to be here. The first room that got completely finished and ready for us was the's a quick peek. 
 Another reason it's taking longer to get settled is my 'helper.' She's a little busier these days. This is what it looked like quite a bit while I was trying to work in the kitchen. This girl is a mess and I couldn't love her any more if I tried. She is my joy! 
We did love the extra space at our old condo...and it was super convenient for having guests. But, the #1 thing we are going to miss about the old place is the view. It NEVER got old! We could look over from any room in that condo and just look out at the vast beautiful ocean. It was incredible! I snapped this picture on my phone the last night we were there picking up the last of our things. It was really sad for me to leave that was our home for 3 months. But, we are moving on! 
 We have been keeping busy with some new things at our new place. (I will do a post with more pics and info of our new place another time). Every day we go on a 'nature walk' around the property. I call it that for Karis because she loves to pick up sticks and pine cones, blow dandelions, and run up and down hills. But, every day we go out (sometimes twice a day) and walk down to the river then over and around the area. Our condo is on Hole 5 of a golf's just a really nice area. Also, this condo has 3 pools, one of which is indoors, so even when it's been a little chilly, we can still swim. We have been doing a LOT of swimming!  
We still have a lot to catch up on...and I promise it's coming soon. We still have plenty of pictures from our Charleston trip to share with you, plus our Easter visit with family. So, more is on the way...hang tight!

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