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25 April 2013

We had a full house over Easter weekend and it was a blast. Karis loved having her cousins around to play with, and I'm quite certain she fully believed that she was 5 years old, not 1 while they were playing. Here's a little recap of our visit. 

First up, is Karis' Easter basket. I ordered her a cute basket from Pottery Barn, but it didn't come in on time. My FIL and SIL made a heroic late-night trip to Wal-Mart the night before Easter and picked this one up for me. 
She was very interested in what James and Cameron got in their baskets. 
Here, they are...Cameron and James checking out their spoils. 
Starting to take a little interest in her stuff, but still not taking her eyes off of the big kids. This girl does not like to miss out on anything. 
Now, we're talking. 
She hears a clinking in her egg and has to check it out. 
She got one jellybean in each of her eggs. 
This was a HUGE hit in her world. 
Is there any more?!?
I didn't get a good picture of all the kids because they were too busy looking at all the other cameras. I'm sure someone else has much better pictures of them. 
After church we went down to the beach to take pictures, but as you can see it was quite overcast and very windy. Here's a shot of everyone. 
Here is our little family of three. 
Nana and Grandaddy with all their grandbabies. 
This picture cracked me up of James. His face is hysterical. It's like he's trying to open his eyes, but isn't quite getting there. Ha! 
Katie, Jeremy, Cameron, and James. 
Baby Girl was done with the whole picture thing and just wanted to play in the sand. 
So, that's just what she did. 
Oh, she melts me. 
Picking up trash, which, in her world is equal to treasures. 
I did have to document her cute Easter smocked dress too. I got it at a consignment sale a few weeks ago. I loved her in it. 
That's my sweet girl. 
And, yes, those are the only pictures I got on Easter weekend. I tried for a few more, but there were always too many cameras out, so they were no good. 

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  1. Such sweet memories. We don't look too bad considering how windy it was.


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