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Charleston - USS Yorktown

26 April 2013

On our last day in Charleston it was cold. Major wind and really chilly. The sun was a huge bonus, since we had yet to see it in our time there. But, my goodness, the wind gusts were just about painful. Anyway, that's not the point of this post, but it does help me to explain why we had yet another change of plans. We wanted to take a boat out to Fort Sumter. However, with it being as windy as it was on land, we figured that tiny little island was going to be much worse and we would freeze. We decided instead to head over to Patriot's Point and check out the USS Yorktown. 

Here is a view the view from our hotel room on our last morning. Finally, the sun, ah! 
 And, here is the USS Yorktown. 
 From the Yorktown, a view of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. 
I love a good bridge.  
 Entering the ship.
 There were a bunch of planes inside. 
 This was one piece of history that I found particularly interesting. It says that the US ships each had a different color of dye in with their guns/projectiles to help spot gunfire and know who it was from. Interesting, no?!?
 A couple cuties ready to learn. 
Baby Girl was super excited to feel like she had 'control' over things, like ALL of these knobs.  
 I gotta say, in my opinion, these ladies' Naval nurse uniforms were ahead of their time. I am totally digging it. Cute seersucker, love the darts, belt and over-sized buttons. It's just cute! 
 This is the view looking through the sight for a gun, maybe a missile launcher. Something like that. You can't see that target unless you are looking directly into it. I thought it was cool to catch it in the camera. 
 Oh, and Baby Girl was all about ringing every bell that we passed. 
 Ever feel like your recipe calls for a lot. This one cracked me up. 
 In one of the dormitories was this small basket. This volunteer, who somewhere along the way, just started tagging along with us giving us all kinds of history and background told us it was a crib/bassinet. I was confused as they were very clear that women did not travel on this ship. But, it turns out they rescued some people and one of them happened to be a pregnant woman. She gave birth on the ship and the men from the Mess Hall put this together for the baby. I gotta say, I'm glad that Jack won't be born on a ship. 
 Karis got very busy typing and 'taking notes' at this desk. 
 She's a busy little thing. 
 Oh, those eyes. That girl. My love. 
 Speaking of my loves. 
 Karis and Daddy sitting up in a jet. 
 Checking it all out. 
 Oh, she was loving all the buttons to push. 
 This girl LOVES her Daddy. 
 Happy girl! 
That was a bit from our trip aboard the USS Yorktown. It was definitely cool and we enjoyed it. If you're in the Charleston area, check it out. 

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