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Charleston - Battery and a Bath

11 April 2013

On Sunday morning, which was our only full day in Charleston, we woke up to this. 
Yeah, notice that you can't even see Charleston on that map. The weather was straight up crazy town. John and I actually were both awakened by booming thunder starting at around 4am. So, with that as our forecast, we tried to make the most of it. We attempted to head out for breakfast. We got in the car and started driving towards the historic district, except roads were flooded everywhere. Like major flooding. Impassible. It was a mess. After striking out going several different ways, we decided to cross the river and head somewhere else. We ended up having a great breakfast at a tiny little spot. It was still, however, pouring, so we headed to the Tanger Outlets. I know, lame. We live right next to not one, but TWO Tanger Outlets, but we weren't exactly packed for this weather and Karis desperately needed a jacket. We didn't have any kind of jacket/coat/sweater for her. Plus, we were able to do a little bit of shopping for all the birthdays we needed to buy for. Silver lining folks. :) Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but just about everything that you would want to do in Charleston is outside. Like, everything. This meant we weren't going to do anything exciting for the time being. 

We had lunch after some shopping then headed back to the hotel for Karis to take a nap. Finally the rain stopped during nap time. So, while it was still windy, chilly and in-general-just-yucky-out, we were able to venture out. I really wanted to go to Magnolia Point Gardens, which is at the southern tip of Charleston on the Battery. It's so beautiful! 
I'm pretty sure Karis would have been happy to just play in this fountain for the afternoon. The girl LOVES water! 
And I love her faces! 
Of course she and Daddy had to check out the canon balls. 
This place is cool...there is so much history. 
Isn't she intimidating on that canon?!? Not so much. 
Love those two!
There was also plenty of this...Karis was SO happy to run free!
These trees are SO gorgeous. 
At the center of the Park is a beautiful gazebo and just minutes before we got there a wedding had just finished. I'm telling you that bride must have been sweating bullets with the weather earlier that day. It was raining on our wedding day and we didn't have a plan B for our outdoor ceremony, but this was crazy rain in Charleston that day. I'm glad they got a nice break in the weather for their ceremony. 
There are also incredibly beautiful houses, some turned Inns or B&Bs that line the park. 
We tried again to snap a couple family shots. 
Then, Miss Busy decided she wanted to get we decided to get one of the two of us...
...and this was her face when we wouldn't let her have control of the camera. Oh, that girl! 
We walked around some more and had an INCREDIBLE dinner at a lovely restaurant called Blossom. It was SO good. I was originally planning to tell you all about it, but it's been a while since then and I don't remember all the details. :) Our hotel room had a big jacuzzi tub in it, so when we got back that night we let Karis take a BIG bubble bath in it. Let's just say she loved it! 
We went a little overboard on the bubbles. But, hey, it's vacation folks. 
Plus, that girl is just cute! 
So that was Day 2 in Charleston...more to come soon! 

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