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26 Weeks...Take 2

24 April 2013

Baby's the size of a head of lettuce! 
His eyes are forming and will start to open soon. He's getting his immune system ready for life outside by soaking up my antibodies. He's taking breaths, too, they're of amniotic fluid, not air, but it's still good practice. 
 Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of baby: Lettuce
Total Weight Gain: I'm still not weighing much - 18lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Yes. 
Gender: It's a baby BOY!!! Jack Cameron Williamson
Movement: Yes, I feel him everyday...especially first thing in the morning. 
Sleep: About the same...not great, but I'm used to it now. 
What I MissSleeping on my back...and it's becoming more uncomfortable to pick things up off the floor. :)
Cravings: Lately it's been sweets, but I'm trying sort of to hold back. 
Symptoms: Overall I am feeling really good.
Best Moment this Week: Yesterday I felt Jack have the hiccups for the first time. Karis used to get them all the time and I loved it. It was fun to experience that with Jack. 

I happened to have a picture from 26 weeks during my pregnancy with Karis, and for kicks, I decided to wear the same outfit this time to compare. Here is 26 weeks this time and last time. 
I feel like I look very tired this time...but I think I look bigger overall last time. 

Even as my belly keeps growing, I look down and know there is so much more growth to come. In some ways this pregnancy is going much faster than it did with Karis. I  cannot wait to meet our sweet Baby Boy.

We have been spending more time with some new friends that we met from swim lessons. They both have girls that are just a couple months older than Karis and baby boys that are still very young. Their kids are 21-22 months apart, and mine will be 23 months apart. It's been awesome to see how life with two will be first-hand. But, the best part is watching Karis with the baby boys. She LOVES them. Today we were at a Mommy and Me event at a church and Karis could have cared less about the lesson that was going on, she wanted to be with the babies. She is extremely loving and gentle with them. She loves to give them sweet hugs, or get their pacis, or just rock them in their carriers. It absolutely makes my heart swell and makes me beyond excited to see how she will be with her own baby brother. I feel so blessed that we have these new friends to share this experience with, and learn from. Even if this is the only reason that we were brought to Myrtle Beach for this time, it's been worth it.

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