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25 Weeks...Take 2

18 April 2013

Baby's now the size of cauliflower! 
He's enjoying his new sense of equilibrium - he now knows which way is up
and which way is down. He's growing more fat and hair too! 
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 25 Weeks
Size of baby: Cauliflower
Total Weight Gain: No idea - haven't weighed all week. Probably 16 lbs.?
Maternity Clothes: Yes. 
Gender: It's a baby BOY!!! Jack Cameron Williamson
Movement: Yes, I feel him everyday...especially first thing in the morning. 
Sleep: About the same...not great, but I'm used to it now. 
What I MissSleeping on my back...and it's becoming more uncomfortable to pick things up off the floor. :)
Cravings: Lately it's been sweets, but I'm trying sort of to hold back. 
Symptoms: Overall I am feeling really good.
Best Moment this Week: This week Jack's movements are bigger and stronger. I can see my belly move sometimes when I'm sitting and he starts kicking. I'm excited to see him continue to grow! 

I apologize for the delay in posts this week, we've been busy. My parents came and spent a few days with us, and yesterday was busy with swim lessons and outings. So, one day late isn't too bad. :) Although I'm behind on posting in general. Have no fear...more posts are coming! 

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