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Traveling Fools

09 March 2013

Over the last week or so, we have done a lot of traveling, especially me and Karis. First, all 3 of us flew to Pensacola for a weekend. We went on a Friday and came home on a Monday. The next day, Tuesday, Karis and I got in the van and drove to Winter Springs until Saturday. It was a lot, but we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we got VERY few pictures the whole time. First up, a couple shots from Pensacola, visiting Nana and Grandaddy.
And one of all of us. 
We celebrated my brother Nathan's birthday while we were in Winter Springs. The boys were very involved in helping him with his presents. 
Karis was more interested in playing with the door handles. She loves that their doors have long handles that she can easily go in and out of, so she was in hog heaven. 
Sweet little Eli sitting with his Daddy. 
We also took a trip to the zoo. I was not feeling well at all that day, so I hardly got any pictures. 
I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Karis. She and John Henry loved the 'petting' part of the zoo. 
These two LOVED being together...and they had so much fun! We inadvertently picked the worst day to go to the zoo...there were 7 or 8 school and/or charter buses of kids there. It was SO packed! 
Oh my goodness, the cuteness of this pic kills me. Look at them. 
They would have gladly pet animals for an hour or so...but we moved on to other things too. 
So, there you have it...just a bit of our back-to-back trips to Florida.

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