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02 March 2013

In going through some pictures, I found several random ones that weren't in specific enough 'groups' to warrant individual blog posts, but cute enough that they should be seen. So, without further ado...a whole bunch of random stuff.

First up, Karis LOVES to be in the kitchen with me. Sometimes it's just about keeping her entertained, so it looks something like this. 
 Most any utensil will do...that and noise-making pots and pans. 
But, what she really prefers is to help with the cooking or baking process. 
She LOVES it! 
 On this day Karis was helping me make Pumpkin Bread. Yum! 
 Later that night, John and I were sitting on the couch and Karis was entertaining herself. I noticed that things had gotten a little too quiet. I looked over and saw that Baby Girl got herself stuck in the hamper. 
It was hysterical! I, of course, had to snap some pictures before we helped her out. For the most part, she was fine...she didn't seem too distressed until we came to check on her and she realized she was totally stuck. Ha! 
 As you probably know by now, Karis loves phones. One day she was sitting up at the table and decided she needed to make a call.  
 Between calls, she was taking care of business. 
 Oh, and why not multi-task? This girl kills me...she's so funny! 
 "I got this, Mama." 

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