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One More Bit of "The Most Wonderful Time of Year"

01 March 2013

Ok, ok, I know that Christmas was just so long ago at this point. I had no plans to drag this out, but I'm rather enjoying getting all my pics up on the blog. So, here is a bit from our actual Christmas day, which was spent in Winter Springs at Adam and Monique's house. We had our little family, the McIntyres, Monique's parents, Mom and Tony, and Moe's sister with her we had a packed house. I won't drag it out too much, just wanted to share some pics of a sweet little girl and her cute cousins. :)
 She's a ham. 
She had cute Christmas PJ's...but a late night of flying and a messed up schedule meant a really wet diaper and PJ's in the morning. Oh well.  
What's inside?!?
It's a purse, just for Karis. Complete with keys and a cell phone. 
 She LOVES it! And, she wears it all the time now. 
 John Henry was loving all the wrapping paper all over the place.  
Where'd Eli go?  
There he is! 
 There he goes. 
 The boys are playing on Eli's new toy. 
Karis loves to hang out with Uncle Adam. 
 She loves when he reads too! 
 Everybody loves Uncle Adam!  

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