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28 March 2013

...and you're the only girl in town. 
Let's finish up our trip the aquarium today. In case you missed the first part, here it is. 
The next area we went to was several tanks with different species in them. Here is a seahorse (and it's reflection above it.) 
 These are called Sea Nettles (jellyfish) and are super cool. They have the best color. 
 Vanna was pretty impressed with them too. 
 Does anything beat chubby little baby fingers pointing out sea creatures? 
 I say, definitely not. I love those little hands! 
She's showing Daddy what she found. 
We found an "an-enenenomy. You made me ink!"
And we found Nemo..."he touched the butt."
And of course, Dory. "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." 
The other day John and I were watching Ellen. She mentioned something about Finding Nemo...up until this point John had NO idea that Ellen was the voice of Dory. How this information passed him by, I have no idea. 
 Then it was on to the BIG tank, where we watched a little dive show. 
 I absolutely LOVE this picture of her! 
 It's hard to tell, but the diver is in the midst of all those fish. She just got in the tank and was feeding them. 
 She did this really cool thing where she blew air up in rings like donuts. 
 It's kinda hard to tell, but here's one of her 'air donuts.'  
This tank had puffer fish and porcupine fish in it. This was one of those.  
 And you could climb up inside the center of it.
 Look at that sweet girl studying the fish. :) 
And that completes our tour of the aquarium. I hope you enjoyed it like we did. 

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