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Charleston - A Tour of the Old City

30 March 2013

Last weekend we took the quick drive down to Charleston for a quick visit. While John and I both have technically been to Charleston before, we decided that neither of our visits truly counted. I went on a mission trip 12 years ago and only went in to Charleston one night for dinner. I have virtually NO memory of it, whatsoever. John visited a couple times, briefly, but never made it in to Charleston either. We decided it was time to make it happen for us. We have been planning this for months and were SO excited to go, unfortunately, we had horrible weather. 

This is a view from our hotel room when we arrived. It was about 3pm when I took this picture, not late in the evening as it looks. This was nothing compared to what we were going to see while we were there. On a positive note, we had a great room with great views of the river. We also had a HUGE balcony, it could really be called a porch. It was nice. 
We decided for our first afternoon/evening, we would take a walk around Historic Charleston and go out to dinner. So, let me take you on a tour....

First, we came across the old Slave Mart. I was interested in touring the museum, but with time and having to make decisions about which tours we would or would not take, decisions had to be made and we didn't go inside. 
This is the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. 
Then we headed towards Rainbow Row. I LOVE the flower boxes. 
I couldn't get enough of them. 
They remind me of Prague...well, quite a bit of Europe, and they are SO gorgeous. 
I love all the color. 
What's not to like about big, beautiful, old oak trees?!?
There was a house for sale, it's actually the one with that big oak in the yard. It was absolutely beautiful and this was the alleyway that ran right next to it. Even the alley was pretty. We loved it. 
Loving the aqua and teal. 
Even topiaries look cuter in a place like Charleston. 
Love this. All of it. The tin roof, the dormer, the tall windows, the shutters, the flower boxes, the garage door, the bright color (that normally I wouldn't like, but just looks SO good in Charleston.) Love it. 
It's also the end house in Rainbow Row. 
Rainbow Row...LOVE it. 
Then we walked over to Waterfront Park. Again, it's mid-afternoon, not nearly as late as it looks and you can see the water on the ground from where it had previously been raining. 
Oh, the trees...SO pretty. 
And a couple fountains...because Karis loves them so much! 
Waterfront Park really is quite pretty. I'd love to see it in another month or so in the height of Spring. I bet it's beautiful. 
After our walking tour, we decided to head over to Hyman's for dinner. We have been told by no shortage of people that this is THE PLACE to eat when in Charleston. Of course, we had to go. Good food. They brought out a complimentary appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes over Grits. I've never had fried green tomatoes, but I've actually been really interested in trying them lately. (Mom, you can pick your jaw up off the ground.) I really liked them, John just thought they were ok. (Side note: neither of us likes tomatoes.) We got a combination of items and split them all...our favorite being the shrimp, broiled in a light cajun seasoning. The Mahi was a little lack-luster, but that's ok. We had a delicious crab cake and a small portion of shrimp and grits that was really yummy! All in all, Hyman's is a great stop when in Charleston. 
After dinner, we decided to do some more walking and stopped to take a few family pictures. 
My two loves. 
And an attempt to get all of us in view. 
Now she's got a little smile. :) 
That's a little bit from our first afternoon and evening in Charleston. More to come! 

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