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03 March 2013

Of the four seasons, winter is my least favorite. But, I don't hate it. I don't even hate snow...I really like it. However, our time in Iowa gave me enough winter for the year. I truly am glad to be in Myrtle Beach, where it is still chilly, but not ridiculously frigid and miserable. :) Towards the end of December we had a blizzard in Cedar Rapids. One afternoon we tried to venture out and play in the snow. Let's just say we didn't stay out long. The wind was so fierce, blowing so much was no fun. We did make the most of it though. 
 Our home for 5 months. 
 She wasn't too sure what to think. 
We basically had her wrapped up like Randy in A Christmas Story
 It's not so bad, Daddy.  
 Oh, the cold. 
 We took a ton of pictures and in every other picture one or the other of our eyes is closed. Blizzard = major wind + snow. This is not fun for the eyes. 
 The Williamsons 3. 
I think we are all caught up on pictures from Cedar Rapids, are you excited?!? This means, we are moving on to current events. Hooray! 

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