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07 March 2013

Baby Williamson #2 is a BOY!!! 
 And we are SO excited!!! 
What we have thought to be true all along has been confirmed today. We are going to have a sweet Baby Boy...and we are beyond thrilled! Our ultrasound appointment today was very interesting and NOT AT ALL like our experience when we were pregnant with Karis. It was quite different, and I swear it has absolutely nothing to do with this not being our first time. I guess it comes down to different ultrasound techs and different personalities. When I was pregnant with Karis, we had confirmation that she was a girl literally within seconds of her placing the wand on my belly. Today, it was a good 25 minutes or so of going through each and every detail of his body first. And don't get me wrong, it's very interesting to see it all, and it's quite comforting to get confirmation that our sweet baby is healthy and doing well. 

First of all, here is a picture of us at 19 weeks. 
And if you're like me and like to see a comparison of how this pregnancy compares to the last one, here you go. I think I look like I'm 19 in that picture with Karis, even though that was the day I turned 29. Gosh, I'm getting old...31 is almost here! 
These pregnancies have been quite different. I will write a post sometime soon to talk about the differences in carrying my girl versus my boy! 

Now, on to my son's pictures. :) Oh, and I think that ultrasound pictures are fairly easy to decipher, but  I know everyone does not feel the same, so I painstakingly put little notes on the pictures to give you a better idea of what you are looking at. He honestly wasn't being the most cooperative as far as getting good pictures goes, but here he is! 
This is more of his whole body. (No head here, but you can see his body and legs.) The umbilical cord is those three lines at the back above his leg.
This one was a little random, but she really wanted a picture of his, here it is. Just picture the bottom of his foot smashed up against my uterus, and that's what you are looking at here. 
One more full body/profile shot of our sweet Baby Boy.  I didn't label it, but I just noticed that you can see the cord again, it's below his hand and above his legs. He had his legs bent up under him most of the time today and this picture shows them like that as well. I only labeled the bladder in case you were curious why there's a big black spot in his belly. This picture reminds me a little of Karis, she ALWAYS had her hands up next to her face in her ultrasounds...even as a baby and sometimes still now she does the same. :) 
And finally, the proof of the family jewels...ha! I promise this is the only time I will ever post a picture of this particular part of my son. :) 
So, there you have it! The balance of power is being restored in our family...John has a boy to join him (well in late July, he will join us). We are just so excited!  
And why not finish with a couple more pictures of my sweet girl?!?  She's so stankin' cute. :)

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  1. We are beyond thankful and excited. God is so good and we will try to patiently wait until July to welcome your sweet baby boy. Love you all.


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