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And His Name Shall Be Called...

22 March 2013

Well, it's about time for the big name reveal of our
sweet Baby Boy, isn't it?!?

Jack Cameron Williamson

Interestingly, the name we have chosen happens to be the name that we have been calling this Baby since about 2 days after we found out we were pregnant (long before we confirmed he is a boy). When we got pregnant with Karis we, for the most part, only discussed boy names and we had a few that we really liked. Obviously, we didn't use them, so they've just been stored away for another day. :) Well, that day has come. While we had several names that we loved for boys during our first pregnancy, there was really only one that we gave any credit to during this pregnancy. It's funny how things work like that. The others are great names, but just didn't seem to fit for this baby. So, yes, since the end of November we have been referring to this baby as Baby Jack. :)

The middle name of our son was chosen long, long ago. I knew long before we ever got married that if John ever had a son he wanted his middle name to be Cameron. John's middle name is Cameron, as is his father' I mentioned in the post I wrote about Karis' name selection, here. His family lineage is so very close to Scotland, so this is a special name. Plus, I really like the name too, so I was more than happy with this selection. 

Now that you have a little bit of background, how about a little meaning, eh? Jack is based from the name, John, which translated in Hebrew means God is gracious. First of all, what's not to love about that meaning?!? God is SO gracious to us, to allow us the blessing of having another sweet baby. There was a time in our lives, when that seemed like such a distant, difficult task. He was gracious to us by blessing us with our sweet Karis (which in case you forgot, means grace). Now, we are blessed again. We are beyond thankful for our sweet blessings! 

On top of that, Jack has even more meaning to us, because we have a few Jacks in our family. Our sweet baby's heritage has a Jack on both sides. My dad is Jack and John's grandfather's name is Jack and his grandmother is Jackie. All these family links make this name very special to us. Now, ironically, none of these people's given name is Jack. My dad is actually John, as is John's grandfather, and his grandmother is Jacqueline. This in some ways makes me like the name even more, because while he has a connection to the other Jack's in his life, our boy is also an individual and will be the first to be given the name - Jack. Our Jack Cameron will have a special connection to his Grampa, his Papa, and his Gigi. 

Cameron has a less 'pretty' meaning, but it is the clan in Scotland from which John's family descends. It's literal meaning is crooked nose. We hope this doesn't have any affect on how his nose turns out (it didn't affect Rod, John, or our sweet niece Cameron :).

The newest member of the Williamson family now has a name officially...
Jack Cameron Williamson

What do you think?!?


  1. We are so thrilled and feel so blessed. Of course, we love the name as we will love this little boy.

  2. LOVE it and so does John Henry!!! He loves to say Baby Jack :)


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