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18 Months

19 March 2013

Oh. My. Word. Our life needs to slow on down. We have been beyond busy the past week or two...which also explains my lapse in posting. My apologies. John was out of town for three days last week, so I got to do the single mom thing. Then we had a busy few days, doing most of our typical stuff plus errands. On Saturday we helped John with an event for CFA; then on Sunday we had Karis' 18 month pictures done. Yesterday and today have been full days of helping train a couple girls from our old stores in Asheville in Marketing for CFA. I'm ready for a break, but it'll be a few more days before we get it. :)

So, back to Karis' 18 month pictures. Yes, she turned 18 months at the end of February, but she is still within the month, so it works. I happened upon a fabulous photographer at a big children's consignment sale that I went to last weekend. I loved her work, her design, everything. Plus I discovered on her FB page that she was running a special on "mini sessions" this past weekend. Furthermore, she has been nothing but awesome to work with and had an open appointment at a perfect time for our schedule. Hello - winning!! The mini sessions she was doing were Easter themed, as you'll see by the props, but that didn't matter to me. I wanted a way to document this stage in our Baby Girl's life, but didn't feel the need for the extra time and expense that comes with a whole dedicated photo shoot. We have only gotten a sneak peek so far, but I couldn't be happier with the pictures.
Our photographer was absolutely wonderful. She was so sweet with Karis and Karis absolutely loved her! Plus, Teri (the photographer) had her husband at the shoot and Karis was such a flirt with him! 
I love this picture of her with the camera. She absolutely loved this thing! 
If we stay in Myrtle Beach through the summer we will be using Teri for sure for newborn pictures and for Karis' 2 year pics. She was so good! 
And, of course, my MOST favorite shots that we've seen so far. I absolutely LOVE these side-by-side pics of my girl! This shows so much of her sweet personality.
A little bit about Karis...
- she has just a few words: Bye, Yes, No, Mama, Dada...and most recently "I like it" 
- despite having few words, she 'talks' all the time in her own jibber-jabber
- she LOVES to play in the water
- she is sweet and silly and SO much fun 
- she LOVES to dance and move and does it almost every time she hears music 
- she is very inquisitive, as she always has been, and really examines and checks out new things 
- she likes to have control of things (which makes a remote like a secret weapon, even though she still does not care to watch TV at all)
- she enjoys playing a few games on the iPad, but really prefers to look through pictures on the iPad and our phones
- she loves to look at herself in the mirror and will make faces to herself all the time 
- she LOVES to laugh 

Likes: (this seems easier) 
- bath time 
- hugs and kisses 
- her blankie 
- sharing smoothies with Mama 
- spending time with Daddy in the mornings 
- grapes, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, carrots...most foods :) 
- fastening buckles and zippers

- meat (yes, she's still a vegetarian) 
- tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles 
- not too much else...she's a pretty easy going girl 

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