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Strawberry Pickin'

23 February 2013

Back at Christmastime while we were in Florida, one day we went to pick strawberries. 

 We've picked strawberries before, but it's been a long time, so it was a fun trip. 
 Following Daddy's instructions. 
 Oh, those two. They are my world. 
 Checking out the goods. 
 John Henry is quite determined. 
 The trouble these two could get in...oh. 
 John Henry is very proud of his spoils. (Notice the strawberry fingerprints all over his shirt!) Love that boy. 
 And Eli is very content to hang out with Mama. 
 We actually only took home a few since we were flying back to Cedar Rapids. 
Daddy/Uncle Bubba with Karis and John Henry. 
Making a run for it. 
 Karis was SO tired that day. As soon as we got in the car she fell asleep. Poor girlie. 
Time to check-out. 
John Henry is still so proud of his good work. SO cute.  
 Adam's beautiful berries. He made a fabulous smelling jam from these treasures. Yum! 

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