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Is There Anybody Out There?!?

21 February 2013

I can hear you gasping now. Believe it or not, I am actually blogging again. And, yes, we are alive. Hooray!

Life has been anything but boring lately. Well, I guess that's true for the past few years of our lives. But, I apologize for my absence. As most of you know, I have been working on my second biggest project ever....Bambino #2. :) Working as a full-time baby factory and keeping up with a very busy toddler, take a lot of time and energy. Rather than take time to give you any more excuses, I thought I'd just jump into something else today.

We have been living in Myrtle Beach for almost 2 months now. We are definitely feeling much more settled here and genuinely hope to be here for a while. Our first month was a rather sick one for me, and I felt like just getting through each day was task enough. However, the past couple of weeks I have been feeling better and I've been very interested in getting Karis involved in some activities. While the weather is much warmer here than it is in Cedar Rapids, it's still pretty chilly to play outside too much. We live RIGHT on the ocean, so the winds that come in are quite chilly. Sometimes it deceives me, I think it looks like such a beautiful, sunny day, so we go out and it's pretty cool. We look very forward to the weather continuing to warm up a bit, so that we can spend some more time outside.

I started researching mom groups and activities to get involved with in this area before we even got here. Unfortunately, I found out there's not a lot. MB is such a tourist destination, that it seems like there's not too much for actual residents. Plus, there's actually not a lot of typical 'kid' places like parks and playgrounds. There are some, but the closest one is about 15 miles away. It seems that if you visit the beach, that is the 'playground' so you don't need anything else. Or, there are a ton of activities that are 'attractions' and cost money. So, I kept searching. One day I started thinking about the hands-on children's museum we have back in Asheville and was wishing there was a place like that here. Well, guess what?! There is!

The South Carolina Children's Museum is a hands-on museum, play-area that is perfect for little folks...especially young ones. The admission is relatively for Karis, but adults have to pay. But, we decided to check it out one day. We liked it so much that we got a membership, so I can take Karis as many times as we want for a year (which is longer than we'll be here). Plus, in just a couple more visits it will start saving us money. Can't beat that.

Here's a shot of Karis the first time we went. This is actually the only picture I got of her that day, because we were constantly moving from one spot to the next. And yes, my daughter can (and will) find a phone anywhere.

The next week we decided to go back again. As I was in our bathroom getting ready, I turned around and saw this. 

Apparently Karis wanted a snack. 
 There is an exhibit at the museum that is set-up like a bank. This is pretty much Karis' favorite area. It's got a desk with a phone and a computer. What more could my Baby Girl want?!?
 Taking care of business. 
  She deals with very important things here. :) 
Here's a quick video of Karis on the phone. 
Just in case you need some help with her conversation, it goes something like this...
"Yes, yes." 
"Oh, yes." 
Her favorite words these days.
If you're trying to watch this on an iPhone or iPad, you may need to click the link below to see the video. Enjoy!

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