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Another Blessing

24 February 2013

Today my family should be at Disney World...I should have run the Princess Half Marathon this morning and today we should be taking Karis for her first wonderful adventure in the happiest place on earth. But, we are not at Disney. I did not run the race. Plans changed. Life happened. Literally.

Just a few short months ago, we learned of the incredible blessing growing in my belly. We are going to have another baby! We are beyond thrilled with this news, but were also a bit surprised by it. Of course, we have been wanting to have more children. We had planned to wait just a bit longer, given that our home life is constantly moving (or at least has the potential to move on a whim.) But, God had different plans in store for us. Given the difficulties we had getting pregnant with Karis, we never expected it would be this 'easy' to become pregnant with #2. The more time I have had to carry this baby and think about Karis and her sweet little brother/sister, the more excited I am about the timing. (For the record, I have always been excited about the baby...since moment one.)  Our children will be about 23 months apart in age. Baby Williamson #2 is due on July 31.

Here's our first picture of our sweet baby.
BW2 was sleeping during this ultrasound...pretty quiet and still. Unlike his/her older sister. We go back in a couple weeks for another ultrasound and to find out if BW2 is a boy or girl. Hmm.

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