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A Trip to the Farm

25 February 2013

Again today we are going back to our Winter Springs visit at Christmas...still catching up. My brother, Adam, used to have chickens at their house when they lived in Orange City. When they moved to Winter Springs, they were not allowed to have them at the house, but he found a farm where they could live. Even better, the farm is literally around the corner and down the road from their house...less than 5 minutes. Even better still, Adam has spent quite a bit of time volunteering and working at the farm, so they have blessed him with eggs and goodies. Plus, he gets to visit whenever he wants. We got to take advantage of this one day.
I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I had been living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for 5 months at the time we went to the farm...but, I couldn't get over how pretty it was. There were SO many trees and shrubs. This is NOT the case in the Midwest. 
Some chickens. 
These two LOVE to be outside where they can run free. 
She wants to get in there. 
And John Henry thinks he can live in there with the chickens. He's really going in. 
Oh, I love this girl. 
A couple sweet pigs. 
Looking down on the pigs. 
This cracked me up. I don't know if you can tell, but John Henry's stick is caught on both sides. He's not making clearance and is quite confused about it.
She loves it!
Just taking it all in. 
Wild and free! 
John Henry is ALL boy! 
Hey there, Mr. Goat. 
She's warming up to them. 
Ha! I love this picture. 
This guy looks a lot bigger from this angle. 
He's the Goat Whisperer. 
And a cow, because, why not? 
I loved this old tractor. 
It is a beautiful farm. 

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